Sunday, January 4, 2009

The Fourth Day - The water finally runs free!

Finally!! I can use the dishwasher without the water backing up over the counter and seeping into the under sink cabinet and soaking its contents! I was fed up with the green stuff oozing out of the air vent, the dishwasher stinking like crazy after the water at the bottom went sour (I cleaned that one twice), and tramping up the stairs to empty buckets of water so I could get on with rinsing the dishes I'd just washed.

I stayed up half the night working on the stopped up drain, and this morning when I got up, the water flowed down the pipes like a charm! 

I don't think any of the professional stuff was getting to the cause - I figured it was just sitting in the brand new elbow of the waste disposal and not getting to the real plugged up mess that was further down in the pipes. It needed a little coaxing to reach the blockage, but not so much as to dilute the stuff.

At least I got one shot of the lighted tree even though I still have a long way to go, photographing lights.  I played around a little to capture the lights with the help of several guides this evening, and planned to continue practicing the following night, but in the morning I saw the tree had been taken down and put away! 

My own fault because I gave Howard the go-ahead several days ago.  I'm glad I played around a little, while they were up though - I'll start earlier next year.

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