Thursday, January 1, 2009

Hello New Year

We were expecting grandson Joey to stay the night but since Mikey stayed home, we didn't have to watch him -- sad for me because I was looking forward to it!

I decided to go with a roast pork loin with crispy roasted potatoes, and the delicious organic carrots that I bought from BJ’s, and no meal would be right without wine. 

Wouldn't you know it - I forgot to take pics of the meal, and it did look photo-worthy!  Instead, I made a quick pile the left overs on a dish as a substitute to photograph.

Howard went out earlier for some more eggnog so we can toast in the New Year.  I’m sure James and Sandy will appreciate that we bought the rum to go with it from their family’s stock!

It doesn’t pay to watch the TV on New Year’s Eve anymore, the quality of programs is poor compared to past shows, however, we did endure watching all the shivering folks being interviewed at Times Square until the ball came down - that's always exciting - not necessarily watching the ball, just that at that moment many years ago, Howard asked me to marry him!

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