Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Snow fall

Ever since I remember, I had a vision of a path that went over a stream with a bridge at the end of a garden. I believed it to be a real place and thought it might be somewhere I'd once lived.

Later when I asked my older sisters, they never knew of such a place, and my mother said I was dreaming. This setting came to my mind occasionally but over the years faded away.

About ten years ago I had my brand new Canon EOS, I was enthusiastic to take pics of anything and everything. Previous to this, landscape held no interest, but now I was out there practicing all sorts of shots in and around the house.

To my amazement, several of the developed photos showed the path by the stream that went over the bridge at the end of our garden - I'd been looking at it for years but never really saw it!

The snow all melted away on Friday and came back today. It wasn't really a big snowfall, but enough to make our view from the deck very pretty.

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