Wednesday, February 4, 2009

8mm video cassettes

I finally took the plunge and ordered an old camcorder with the "buy now" offer from eBay Canada. I need to do something with these tapes before they disintegrate, there are a lot of memories of family and friends no longer here!

For several years I'd find one that would suit my needs, and do all the research - Is the seller trustworthy? Will the camcorder play 8mm tapes? and so on, only to lose my bid at the very last second!

I decided not to go with a better super 8 model, even though I'd pay the same price, because I read they aren't very good at playing back the cheaper 8mm tapes. Even though the model I chose is slightly different, this camcorder will still be able to use the batteries and other accessories from my old one.

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